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Hey! I’m Wombat!

Here you can find my hiking reports from around Kyushu. Hopefully they can inspire your next hiking adventure in this beautiful part of Japan.

I also have posts on Kofun tombs in Kyushu and I regularly set up a trail camera in my area to see the local wildlife. Navigate the site with the menu above or check the latest posts below. Thanks for stopping by!

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Tomidake Short Hike (遠見岳)

Tomidake (遠見岳) is a nice little (322.9m) mountain in Hisayama, Fukuoka prefecture. It’s only a short climb, but I think it’s a great way to spend a morning! The shrine at the trail head is a beauty and the peak has a good view. The trail starts at Inotenshokodai Shrine (伊野天照皇大神宮). Although not particularly big,Continue reading “Tomidake Short Hike (遠見岳)”