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100 Famous Mountains of Kyushu

If you live in Japan and enjoy getting out into the mountains, there’s a good chance you know about the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan list or Nihon Hyakumeizan (日本百名山).

Compiled in 1964 by Kyuya Fukada, this list has become a kind of hiking bucket list in Japan. Reaching the summit of all 100 mountains is quite an accomplishment.

While the Nihon Hyakumeizan is the most famous list, it’s not the only one. If you’re done with the 100 and want more there are the 200 and 300 versions. If flowers are your thing, there is the Hana no Hyakumeizan (花の百名山). There are also lists for different areas of Japan.

The one I am interested in the most is the 100 Famous Mountains of Kyushu (Kyushu Hyakumeizan 九州百名山) list.

Atlas of the 100 famous mountains in Kyushu published by Yama to Keikoku

There appear to be a couple of different versions. There is the one published by the popular Yama to Keikoku magazine and later revised, and there is the one compiled by the Nihon Hyakumeizan Society (日本百名山協会).

Because the Nihon Hyakumeizan list covers all of Japan from Hokkaido to Kagoshima, it features only a handful of Kyushu mountains. The Kyushu list gives me more practical hiking inspiration since many of the mountains are just a short drive or train ride from where I live.

The 100 mountains are fairly evenly spread over Kyushu from Adachiyama in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka prefecture to Miyanouradake on Yakushima island in Kagoshima prefecture.

Mt. Adachi as seen from Mt. Houdai

The lowest mountain on the list is Onidake in Nagasaki prefecture standing at just 317m. The highest is the aforementioned Miyanouradake at 1,936m. Size isn’t everything! One of the best views I’ve seen was from 362m Kazashiyama in Kitakyushu overlooking the Kaimon straits.

It’s not all about views either. Kubotesan in Fukuoka prefecture doesn’t have a view at all. However it is an important mountain for the Shugendo religion. There are many interesting statues and sites related to Shugendo on the mountain leading to Kunitama shrine on the top.

Kunitama shrine on Kubotesan

I don’t have any real plans to tick off all the mountains on the list, but I’ve found it to be a great reference when choosing and planning hikes. I’ll look up a mountain in my area, research what makes the mountain special, check things like trail conditions and difficulty, then basically I’m on my way! The Yama to Keikoku book has lots of useful information like recommended routes, access, and the best season to climb. By the way, Asosan in Kumamoto is an active volcano too, so always check up-to-date info before you head out.

There will always be some contention with lists like these. I’ve climbed some amazing mountains that didn’t make the cut. But I still think it’s a great reference. Maybe one day I’ll make my own personal 100 mountains list!

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, please share!

Kyushu Hyakumeizan (Nihon Hyakumeizan Society list)

Click a mountain name for one of my videos or click the prefecture name for the YAMAP trail map

1Adachiyama (足立山)598mFukuoka
2Ukidake (浮岳)805mFukuoka/Saga
3Inugatake (犬ヶ岳)1,131mOita/Fukuoka
4Ohirayama (大平山)597mFukuoka/Oita
5Kazashiyama (風師山)362mFukuoka
6Kanayama (金山)967mFukuoka/Saga
7Kubotesan (求菩提山)782mFukuoka
8Koshosan (古処山)860mFukuoka
9Takasuyama (髙祖山)416mFukuoka
10Gozendake (御前岳)1,209mFukuoka/Oita
11Sefurisan (脊振山)1,055mFukuoka/Saga
12Hikosan (英彦山)1,199mFukuoka/Oita
13Fukuchiyama (福智山)901mFukuoka
14Houmanzan (宝満山)829mFukuoka
15Tonoueyama (戸上山)518mFukuoka
16Raizan (雷山)955mFukuoka
17Wakasugiyama (若杉山)681mFukuoka
18Kizan (基山)404mSaga
19Kyougatake (経ヶ岳)1,076mSaga/Nagasaki
20Kusenbuyama (九千部山)848mFukuoka/Saga
21Kurokamiyama (黒髪山)516mSaga
22Kunimiyama (国見山)777mNagasaki
23Sakureizan (作礼山)887mSaga
24Taradake (多良岳)996mSaga
25Tenzan (天山)1,046mSaga
26Hachimandake (八幡岳)764mSaga
27Ariakeyama (有明山)558mNagasaki
28Eboshidake (烏帽子岳)568mNagasaki
29Onidake (鬼岳)317mNagasaki
30Kokuzouzan (虚空蔵山)609mNagasaki
31Konpirasan (金比羅山)366mNagasaki
32Shiratake (白岳)519mNagasaki
33Nanatsudake (七ツ岳)432mNagasaki
34Hachiroudake (八郎岳)590mNagasaki
35Inomureyama (猪群山)458mOita
36Ogansenzan (大岩扇山)691mOita
37Katmukiyama (傾山)1,605mOita
38Kanaraseyama (鹿嵐山)758mOita
39Kurakiyama (倉木山)1,160mOita
40Kujusan (九重山)1,791mOita
41Kujusan: Kurodake (黒岳)1,587mOita
42Shakagadake (釈迦岳)1,231mOita
43Sobosan (祖母山)1,756mOita/Miyazaki
44Taisenzan (大船山)1,786mOita
45Haneyama (万年山)1,140mOita
46Shutendoujiyama (酒吞童子山)1,181mOita
47Togamidake (渡神岳)1,150mOita
48Hibarusan (檜原山)735mOita
49Waitasan (涌蓋山)1,500mOita
50Kujusan: Mimatayama (三俣山)1,744mOita
51Yufudake (由布岳)1,583mOita
52Ichifusayama (市房山)1,721mKumamoto/Miyazaki
53Oganemine (大金峰)1,396mKumamoto
54Eboshidake (烏帽子岳)1,692mKumamoto
55Kuradake (倉岳)682mKumamoto
56Kyounojouyama (京丈山)1,473mKumamoto
57Kunimidake (国見岳)1,739mKumamoto/Miyazaki
58Kuradake (鞍岳)1,119mKumamoto
59Kousadake (甲佐岳)753mKumamoto
60Shoutaisan (小岱山)501mKumamoto
61Shiragadake (白髪岳)1,417mKumamoto
62Shiratoriyama (白鳥山)1,639mKumamoto/Miyazaki
63Seieizan (清栄山)1,006mKumamoto
64Yahougatake (八方ヶ岳)1,052mKumamoto
65Asosan (阿蘇山)1,592mKumamoto
66Tawarayama (俵山)1,095mKumamoto
67Nekodake (根子岳)1,433mKumamoto
68Nokeeboshiyama (仰烏帽子山)1,302mKumamoto
69Yahazudake (矢筈岳)687mKumamoto/Kagoshima
70Ishidouyama (石堂山)1,547mMiyazaki
71Eboshidake (烏帽子岳)1,126mMiyazaki
72Ougiyama (扇山)1,661mMiyazaki
73Okueyama (大崩山)1,644mMiyazaki
74Osuzuyama (尾鈴山)1,405mMiyazaki
75Oninomeyama (鬼ノ目)1,491mMiyazaki
76Kirishimayama (霧島山)1,700mMiyazaki, Kagoshima
77Kanouyama (鹿納山)1,567mMiyazaki
78Gionyama (̪祇園山)1,307mMiyazaki
79Goyoudake (五葉岳)1,570mMiyazaki
80Sanpoudake (三方岳)1,479mMiyazaki
81Shiratoriyama (白鳥山)1,363mMiyazaki
82Shiraiwayama (白岩山)1,646mMiyazaki
83Natsukiyama (夏木山)1,386mMiyazaki/Oita
84Hieizan (比叡山)918mMiyazaki
85Boroishiyama (双石山)509mMiyazaki
86Mukabakiyama (行縢山)830mMiyazaki
87Morotsukayama (諸塚山)1,342mMiyazaki
88Wanitsukayama (鰐塚山)1,118mMiyazaki
89Inaodake (稲尾岳)930mKagoshima
90Eboshidake (烏帽子岳)522mKagoshima
91Kaimondake (開聞岳)924mKagoshima
92Takakumayama (高隅山)1,236mKagoshima
93Kanmuridake (冠岳)516mKagoshima
94Kinpouzan (金峯山)636mKagoshima
95Kuromidake (黒味岳)1,831mKagoshima
96Shibisan (紫尾山)1,067mKagoshima
97Takachihonomine (高千穂峰)1,574mMiyazaki
98Nomadake (野間岳)591mKagoshima
99Hoyoshidake (甫与志岳)967mKagoshima
100Miyanouradake (宮之浦岳)1,936mKagoshima

Nihon Hyakumeizan Society website:
Yama to Keikoku list on Wikipedia:九州百名山
Yama to Keikoku book on Amazon:

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