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Takatoriyama 633m (Fukuoka)

Date:November 23, 2019
Time:06:46~09:38 (2hrs 52mins)

Data recorded using the YAMAP app.

This was the first time for me climbing Takatoriyama in its own right. Usually it’s part of a greater hike to Fukuchiyama. But I wanted to try the trail that goes straight up Takatoriyama from Uchigaso dam (内ヶ磯ダム). The dam is also known as Fukuchiyama dam.

I parked my car at the dam, close to Torino shrine (鳥野神社). There are many parking spaces, it’s free, and there’s a toilet. The nearest bus stop is Uchigaso (内ケ磯) which is a short walk from the shrine.

From Fukuchiyama dam you go up the steps to Torino shrine and take a right.

The first half of the ascent is… pretty wild. The trail is narrow, slippery, with a steep drop (see video at bottom of post). I don’t recommend it at all. But the last couple of hundred meters up is a breeze. The trail is not so scenic, but it’s easy to follow and safe.

Takatoriyama is apparently Fukuoka’s highest castle mountain. Takatori castle was constructed in 1046 and abandoned in 1615. The summit is wide and flat. Around the peak are remains of stone walls. It’s really quite interesting. I would love to see how it looked in it’s heyday.

The view of Nogata city and Fukuchiyama is fantastic. Sure big brother Fukuchiyama is the more impressive mountain, but Takatoriyama is underrated in my opinion.

I wasn’t keen on repeating the narrow, slippery trail on the way down, so I took the Fukuchiyama dam course. This course is much safer, more beautiful and varied. About halfway down you follow a small stream to the dam. When you reach the dam, just follow the road back to where you started.

You can see and download the trail map here:

See my activity data and gps track here:

Watch my video of this hike below.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments or contact me on Twitter @kyushutrail

Thank you for reading, see you in the next hike!

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