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ACROS”yama” 60m (Fukuoka)

I was in Tenjin last weekend. While my wife did some window shopping I moseyed over to the ACROS Fukuoka building (アクロス福岡). It’s a large event and conference center located at Tenjin Central park (天神中央公園). It was opened in 1995. ACROS is a acronym for “Asian Cross Road Over the Sea”.

Across Fukuoka building from Tenjin Chuo park

It has a “step garden”. Over the last 15 years the garden on the outside of the building has grown, giving it its mountain look. You can walk up the stairs on the outside of the building up through the garden to the observation deck on top. Not exactly a mountain, but it’s called Acrosyama and is a “baggable peak” on the YAMAP hiking app.

It doesn’t take long to climb the 809 steps. There’s a nice view of the city from the top. If you’re in the area I recommend checking it out. Entry is free and it’s open weekends and public holidays. The top floor is open from 10am to 4pm.

Here are some more pictures:

On the way up
Almost at the top
The view from the observation deck

And here is ACROS Fukuoka’s promotional video:

More information about the building and events can be found at their website here:

Thank you for reading! Back to a regular hiking post next week!

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