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Tanuki! Trail Cam at Takatoriyama 20/09/20~27

I went to Fukuchiyama Dam early Sunday morning on September 20 to set up my trail cam on Takatoriyama. I picked it up the following Sunday and here’s what I captured! Tanuki! A tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog. So glad to finally get one on camera even if it was just a brief appearance.Continue reading “Tanuki! Trail Cam at Takatoriyama 20/09/20~27”

Mount Aso (Takadake, Nakadake)

I hiked Japan’s largest active volcano, Mount Aso. There are 5 main peaks. I climbed the highest peak, Takadake (高岳 1,592m) and the most active peak, Nakadake (中岳 1,506m). After the big Kumamoto earthquake the trail was closed. It recently opened up again so I jumped at the chance to climb one of Japan’s 100Continue reading “Mount Aso (Takadake, Nakadake)”

Good morning, Takatoriyama

This morning I went to Takatoriyama to set up my trail camera. I parked my car at Fukuchiyama dam. There are 2 courses from Fukuchiyama dam. The course from Torino shrine is wild and a little dangerous, so since it was still dark, I took the more relaxing Uchigaiso course. This course follows a niceContinue reading “Good morning, Takatoriyama”