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Tanuki! Trail Cam at Takatoriyama 20/09/20~27

I went to Fukuchiyama Dam early Sunday morning on September 20 to set up my trail cam on Takatoriyama. I picked it up the following Sunday and here’s what I captured!

Tanuki! A tanuki is a Japanese raccoon dog. So glad to finally get one on camera even if it was just a brief appearance. Leave a comment and tell me where you’ve seen a tanuki in Japanese pop culture.

This furry friend was very interested in the camera. Too close to say what it is. There’s a glimpse of some ears. Maybe a Japanese marten (ten)? What do you think?

I think this is a Japanese badger (anaguma). I could be mistaken, it could be another tanuki. It’s a nice shot anyway.

And this last one, again I don’t know. Look at that long neck and tail. It could be a Japanese marten as well.

Not a lot to show this time, but I’m happy to see the tanuki!

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Hiking in Kyushu, Japan Kofun tombs & Trail cam

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