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Deer fight in Inunaki!

October 21st I collected my trail cam from Mt. Gobekkan in Inunaki. It was sitting just off the trail for 2 weeks. I wasn’t confident I had the best spot, but I knew the mountain was full of deer so I knew I’d get something.

And something is what I got! The SD card had 72 video files on it! Tanuki, wild boar, pheasants, a badger, a marten (or a weasel?) and of course lots of deer!

A marten or a Japanese weasel?

The biggest surprise by far was the deer fight. Two bucks locking antlers. Amazing!

It’s always great to see cute little wild boar piglets, or in Japanese, uribō. One ran past the camera, then came back to say hi. Beautiful!

What a cutie!

This was easily my best haul yet. I’m excited about putting out the camera again, but I haven’t decided where yet.

Here’s all the highlights!

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Thank you!

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