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Tomidake Short Hike (遠見岳)

Tomidake (遠見岳) is a nice little (322.9m) mountain in Hisayama, Fukuoka prefecture. It’s only a short climb, but I think it’s a great way to spend a morning! The shrine at the trail head is a beauty and the peak has a good view. The trail starts at Inotenshokodai Shrine (伊野天照皇大神宮). Although not particularly big,Continue reading “Tomidake Short Hike (遠見岳)”

Mt. Kusenbu in Saga 847.5m (九千部山)

Mt. Kusenbu (九千部山) on the border of Saga and Fukuoka prefecture is listed as one of Kyushu’s 100 Famous Mountains. So it must be worth a look, right? Right! I parked my car at the Minami Hata Dam near Green Pia Nakagawa park and took the Sakuradani to Urushigatani course. The course runs alongside aContinue reading “Mt. Kusenbu in Saga 847.5m (九千部山)”