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Inunaki Gobekkan Annex Ruins

On Wednesday morning I went to the infamous Inunaki Dam to once was Inunaki Valley Village to see some castle ruins. Inunaki Gobekkan (Annex) was built in 1865 as a kind of Fukuoka (aka Maizuru) castle no.2. Fukuoka castle’s position on the coastline was less than ideal. High ranking samurai Katō Shisho recommended this newContinue reading “Inunaki Gobekkan Annex Ruins”

Inunakiyama and the Old Inunaki Tunnel 583.7m (Fukuoka)

Inunaki in Miyawaka city, Fukuoka prefecture is infamous. There are urban legends and ghost stories surrounding the old Inunaki village and the Inunaki tunnel. I set out to take a look at the old Inunaki tunnel which is supposedly one of Japan’s most haunted spots. I parked my car at Inunaki dam early in theContinue reading “Inunakiyama and the Old Inunaki Tunnel 583.7m (Fukuoka)”